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Effects of Bleaching Agents, Neutral Fluoride Gels, and Surface Sealants on Enamel Surface Roughness

Burak Gümüştaş, Özge Gürbüz, Begüm G Efes

Citation Information : Gümüştaş B, Gürbüz Ö, Efes BG. Effects of Bleaching Agents, Neutral Fluoride Gels, and Surface Sealants on Enamel Surface Roughness. J Oper Dent Endod 2017; 2 (2):74-78.

DOI: 10.5005/jp-journals-10047-0041

Published Online: 01-08-2015

Copyright Statement:  Copyright © 2017; The Author(s).



The aim of this in vitro study was to evaluate the surface roughness of enamel after the application of different bleaching agents and to determine the effect of fluoride and bonding agent application on the roughness of bleached enamel.

Materials and methods

Forty-two dental slice polished enamel surfaces were randomly assigned to six groups. The surfaces of the slices were treated with 30% carbamide peroxide (CP) (groups I to III), or 38% hydrogen peroxide (HP) (groups IV to VI). Groups I and IV were only bleached. Topical fluoride was applied to the bleached surface of groups II and V. Groups III and VI were covered with a bonding agent. The surface roughness was analyzed with a profilometer. Data were subjected to analysis of one-way analysis of variance, Kruskal-Wallis, and Mann-Whitney U tests (p > 0.05).


There were no statistically significant differences between the surface roughness of the untreated control specimens and the specimens treated with the bleaching materials, fluoride gel, and dental bonding agent (p > 0.05).


Bleaching treatment with 38% HP and 30% CP does not alter enamel surface roughness.

Clinical significance

The application of topical neutral sodium fluoride agents and dental bonding agents does not have any influence on enamel surface roughness.

How to cite this article

Gümüştaş B, Gürbüz Ö, Efes BG. Effects of Bleaching Agents, Neutral Fluoride Gels, and Surface Sealants on Enamel Surface Roughness. J Oper Dent Endod 2017;2(2):74-78.

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